Different ways to play!

Magic is a vast game with a huge variety of players, and playstyles! Some people want to play with the newest and best cards, some want to use cards from their childhood, and most of them enjoy Commander. Here is a brief summary of each format offered at Common Ground Games!


Constructed: This is where people bring their own decks to play! Decks are generally built with 60 cards, and another 15 cards called your sideboard. In most events you will play multiple games against the same opponent, and between games you can swap out cards from your deck with your sideboard. Some formats have banned cards, and that list can be found here!

-Standard: This format covers the most recent MTG sets (not including special sets). Current legal sets are: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Innistrad: Crimson Vow, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Streets of New Capenna, Dominaria United, The Brother's War, Phyrexia: All Will Be One, Mach of the Machine, and March of the Machine: Aftermath.

-Pioneer: Whenever a new Standard set releases, it is also added to Pioneer. In addition, every card printed in a Standard set since Return to Ravnica is legal to play! 

-Modern: Similar to pioneer, new Standard sets are always added to the Modern card list, but cards from all the way back in 8th edition are legal. In addition, some special sets are also legal. Modern Horizons, Modern Horizons 2, and Tales of Middle-earth are all playable in Modern.

-Legacy: Legacy players have access to every card in the history of magic, unless the card shows up on the ban list. (silver border cards, and cards with an acorn symbol are not tournament legal Magic cards.) Our Legacy event is casual, so we allow up to 12 proxies, as long as they are handwritten on a basic land or a blank helper token.

-Pauper: Only commons are allowed in this format, but you can use commons from any set as long as they aren't on the ban list.

-Commander: This is our most popular format!! Commander decks are built with a Legendary creature as your "Commander". From there you will make a 99 card deck that only uses colors from your "Commander". Find out more about Commander night here!


Limited: In limited events, the entry fee will cover the cost of packs. Players will use those packs to build a deck and then play a tournament with them.

-Sealed: Players start the event with 6 booster packs from the current set. Players will open the packs and use those cards, along with basic lands provided by us, to build 40 card decks. After deck construction, there will be a 3-4 round tournament based on attendance.

-Draft: Players start these events with 3 packs. the players sit in a group to draft. Each player will open one of their packs and take a single card from it. Once a player drafts their first card they will pass the rest to the player on their left. This continues until every card from the first pack has been selected. The second pack is drafted in the same way, but cards are passed to the right. The third pack is passed to the left. Players will then use the cards they drafted and basic lands, provided by us, to build a 40 card deck and play in a 3 round tournament!

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