MTG Commander Night

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One of our most popular formats is Commander! So, we run it every week on Tuesday at 7:00pm and Sunday at 1:30pm!!

To enter one of our events, you either pay $6 or buy 3 set boosters!

What does Commander look like at Common Ground?

First off, we run our Commander and Competitive Commander pods separately. 

For regular Commander, we start off by putting people in pods with similar power levels. If you haven't played with us before, check in with our judge so they can put you in the right pod. As a special rule, you cannot go infinite in one of our regular pods until your 10th turn. If you could go infinite before that, you are allowed to active the ability up to 3 times.

Once the event starts, our judge will announce pods and prepare prize support.

For Commander events, we handle things a little differently. Each participant adds $6 to the raffle pool. Our judge then makes a stack of goodies to hand out! Prizes will be divided up by pod. Every pod gets a decent prize, and everyone will walk our with at least a promo. As log as the attendance is high enough, there will be spicy prizes!! We love handing out new a new commander deck or some collector boosters!!

The Competitive pods are totally separate. There is a pool of $6 in store credit for each person in the pod, and the winner gets the whole thing!

If you have any questions, our judge will be there to answer them!!

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