Disney Lorcana


Ready for Weekly Lorcana Play?

What: Weekly Lorcana Casual Tournament League
When: Every Saturday at 2pm
Where: Common Ground Games
How: Preregister here!

How does the league work?

  • Earn points through playing games and earn some cool promos and prizes!
  • A season for Lorcana takes place over 3 rounds, with each round being 4 weeks

Monthly Round Prizes

There are 4 different promos available (How Far I'll Go; John Silver - Greedy Treasure Seeker; Kit Cloudkicker - Tough Guy, and Jolly Roger - Hook's Ship) for each round. 

An image of the league pins

There are 2 different pins available per round (2 each of Sheriff of Nottingham - Corrupt Official and Stitch - Covert Agent)

  • The player with the most league points will earn two different promos (of their choice) (on a tie the winner is determined randomly amongst the ties).
  • The other promos will be passed out randomly amongst the players who earned at least 3 points.
  • The winner of the Round chooses one Pin of their choice. (upon a tie, the winner is randomly determined amongst the ties).
  • The other 3 pins are then passed out randomly amongst the players who earned at least 3 points.


End of Season Prizes

At the end of the season (3 rounds of four weeks each) there are (6) Lore Counters and (8) Disney Lorcana Pins to give away. 

  • Lore Counters will be given out based on the top 6 points over all 12 weeks of play. (participation ranks higher – ie if you have the same amount of points but one person showed up 6 weeks and one showed 5 weeks, the 6 week player would be ranked higher).
  • The Lorcana Pins are passed out randomly amongst the players who earned at least 8 points over the season!

How do I earn points?

  • Each week you show up gets you 1 point
  • Winning a match gets you 2 points
  • Losing a match gets you 1 point
  • Play all 3 matches in a week with an unmodified starter deck gets you 1 point
  • Each week we may have some bonus points available through achievements!


Each week we’ll play tournament style, so you’ll get to play against a variety of opponents each week.  You’ll sign up through the melee.gg program each week (or have us register you) and you’ll be paired up and play 3 matches (best 2 out of 3).

Each participant will receive 2 Boosters after playing their 3 matches. (Based on availability).

Each week we will also raffle off the ability to purchase a Treasure trove and a Gift Set (while supplies last).

As more product becomes available, participants in Organized Play will have the first opportunity to purchase it.

Weren’t able to get your hands on a starter deck but want to play? The first few weeks we should have starters available to purchase for new players.

Depending on league participation we may have to limit the number of participants.

League Play happens each Saturday at 2pm!  PreRegistration here