Room Rentals

Run a private tabletop adventure, host a birthday party, or organize a board game team building afternoon with your coworkers! Our rooms are modular, clean, and ready for your gaming event.

Small size rental room with a large conference table that can be divided into four separate tables, and eight chairs.

Small room (8 seats) for 4 hours—$100
With concierge—$150

Medium size rental room with 2 large conference tables that can be broken down into 4 smaller tables each. Each table has 8-9 chairs.

Medium room (16 seats) for 4 hours—$175
With concierge—$275

Large size rental room, equal to four of our small size rooms.

Large room (32 seats) for 4 hours—$350
With concierge—$500


Concierge service includes a staff member to help run or teach games.