Covid-19 Updates


August 2nd:

Based on CDC guidance and growing concern in D/FW, we are once again requiring all customers (regardless of vaccination status) to wear face masks to enter the store, starting today, August 2nd.

Please help keep us and everyone in the store healthy and safe as we continue to endure the ongoing pandemic.

We still have curbside pickup and local delivery available through our website at if you're unable to wear a mask for any reason.



Masks, New Hours, Limits!

As of today, July 1st, Common Ground Games will no longer require our guests to wear a mask. We ask that if you are not vaccinated yet, please continue wearing a mask. Also, if you feel more comfortable or are feeling a little under the weather, please feel free to wear a mask!
All our employees are completely vaccinated and will not be required to wear a mask either. You may still see some wearing masks at times. We want this to be a normal, healthy thing that happens. Got the sneezes but don’t really feel like you have a cold and it might just be allergies? Well A mask will help cut down on colds being passed around!
Please note that this is not an absolute. We are following recommendations right now and keeping an eye on data (which unfortunately vaccinations are being underreported) and should problems due to Covid come up again, we may require them.

To go along with the relaxing of masks, we are not going to enforce limits of people in the store most of the time and ask that people continue to social distance as best they can. We have found that with big new releases the store limits helped keep our chaos down a lot, so at times we may still have in-store limits to help us manage the flow of traffic in the store.

Starting on Monday, July 5th, we’ll be open to 8pm Monday through Saturday! We know some of you were having a bit of trouble stopping by after work and we wanted to move in to some increased hours now that summer is here.

Its been a long year and a half and we're slowly moving towards more normalcy. Thank you to everyone who has stood by us and supported us through these incredibly difficult times!


In-store Play & The New Store!
In-Store Play-
We currently still have no plans to resume in-store play until we move the store. This may change but as we were prepping to move, we stocked up and our store currently cannot handle a setup that allows for game playing in the store.
The New Store-
Speaking of the New Store – we expected this to be done by now. Instead, it is just beginning. Covid has slowed down everything and its only just beginning to unravel a little bit. So, it’s going to be a bit longer before this is ready. We are truly sorry that this hampers our ability to offer in-store play. Trust us, we miss it greatly. We built this as a community store and not having people here for games every day disappoints us too.
But - Check out the pictures! It's begun! Our best guess is 2 months at the earliest. The long row of walls are the private rooms being built - the section next to that is our new public bathroom and you can see some of our half wall going up as well!
We hope to provide picture updates at different times so you can follow along the progress! Soon we will have a new home, and your drive time stays the same!