Monthly Painting Contest


May 2024 Contest:

The theme for May is Mother!

Paint any mini that gives mother. From matronly hags to mama bears, paint a mini that evokes motherhood!

Choose any miniature this month and let the friendly Librarian at the register know that you're signing up for the contest. 

All submissions will be due by the 27th of the month. 

Judging poll will be on Facebook and Discord starting on the 28th of the month.

The entry with the most votes will win a $25 gift card!

Store employees will also vote for their favorite submission. This winning model will also earn a $25 gift card!

General Rules:

  • No painter can win two months in a row.
  • Staff entries are only eligible for the popular vote prize.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the miniature's base may not be larger than 25mm.
  • The miniature must be intact, recognizable, and must fit on the base. Allowable additions include paint and minor basing elements (tufts, flocking, very small rocks, etc.) and soft effects (drool, blood drips, flowers)
  • Additional sculptural elements are NOT allowed. No extra limbs, spare weaponry, spell effects, sculpted scenery (trees, large ruins, etc.), or extra miniatures. If you aren't sure, it probably isn't allowed - remember, this is about the painting!
  • Painters may only enter one miniature per month's contest.
  • Miniatures must be purchased from CGG during the month of the contest to enter. Please keep the packaging for verification and easy recognition of the mini.

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