Pokemon 101

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When: Every first Saturday of the month at Noon
Where: One of our private rooms

Do your kids want to learn Pokémon? Our Pokémon 101 class is just for them!

This class will be for kids to teens ranging from kindergarten to age 15. The only real requirement is the ability to read!

This class is geared towards entry level trainers just starting their Pokémon journey, even if they've never played a trading card game!
We go over etiquette for matches, how the battlefield is laid out, how to set up for play, the ins and outs of a turn, and how to use all of the different types of cards in the heat of battle!
Morgan, our on-site Pokémon Professor, will be running the class and answering any questions the trainers have about the card game.

Classes will be every first Saturday of each month for the entry level trainers.
The entry fee for participating is the purchase of a level one preconstructed battle deck per participant. This ready-to-play deck is required for the class and is yours to keep! Parents are welcome to stay and learn with their young trainers.  After the class is over, there will be play time for the trainers to battle each other with their newfound skills and knowledge. 

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