Gashapon!  What are Gashapon?  Gashapon are Japanese Capsule toys dispensed through vending machines!  These small toys can be from anything revolving around anime, Disney, Japanese culture and many other fun little things!  We have several Gashapon vending machines setup for your enjoyment!

The capsule selection is limited and as soon as one runs out, it gets replaced with another!  Sometimes if one has been in the machine for a while and its sales have slowed down, it might rotate out to appear another day.  Capsule toys are generally exclusive to Gashapon and limited in availability. 

Our current selection!  We'll do our best to update these as they change so keep watch on this page if you're looking for something particular!  These are only available in-store. Tokens available at the register are $6 each or 3 for $15!


 Memory Challenge Revenge!  Play 'simon' on a mini game controller!  (added 6/20/22)

  Disney Princess Figures!  Added 6/10/22

 Sleepy Sanrio Characters vinyl figures!

  My Hero Academia Busting through the Wall magnet!  

  Pokemon Tail Attack Pose vinyl Figures! (added 6/10/22)

  Cute Animals with oranges on their head vinyl figures.  (very low stock)

  Nyanko-Sensei Drinking Cat keychains!

  Pokemon RingColle (Ring Collection) in a pokeball!  (added 6/10/22)

 Hugcot Digimon - Digimon Vinyl figures that can grab cables!  (added 6/10/22)