MTG: Doctor Who

For decades, Doctor Who™ has taken us on adventures through time and space. Now, in the year of the series's 60th anniversary, Doctor Who™ comes to Magic. We're bringing the Doctor, their companions, their foes, and more to you in the form of four Commander decks. These all feature new-to-Magic cards, as well as reprints with new Doctor Who™–themed art, allowing you to immerse your deck in the world of the Doctor.TARDIS


These decks are a labor of love, invoking the history of Doctor Who™ through the lens of Magic. Designers, writers, and artists worked to capture the world of Doctor Who™ in a way that made it exciting for fans of Doctor Who™ and Magic.

The Doctor has travelled across the universe on their many adventures, and so will you with the plane cards included in each Commander deck! These cards represent the iconic locales of Doctor Who™, with each deck containing ten new-to-Magic plane cards so that you can travel throughout time and space as chaos ensues.

Each Commander deck will feature new cards that will be legal in Legacy, Vintage, and Commander. These cards are designed for Commander, accentuating the fun and social aspect of the format that players love.