MTG: Crimson Vow

You're invited to the most lavish vampire party Innistrad has ever seen. Don't miss out on mingling with the extravagant undead and toasting the terrifying bride.  The wedding between Olivia Voldaren and Sorin Markov is not to be missed!

Due to ongoing global shipping issues there will be no Set Boosters at Prerelease and a limited amount at release!

Available at Prerelease, November 12th:

  • Draft Booster Boxes
  • PreRelease Kits
  • Collector Booster Boxes (limited amount)

Available at Release, November 19th:

  • Draft Boosters & Boxes
  • Set Boosters & Boxes (limited amount)
  • Collector Boosters & Boxes
  • 2 Different Commander Decks
  • Bundles
  • Theme Boosters