Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave Arena Mortis

Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave Arena Mortis

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Expected Release: September 26, 2020


When a one-on-one clash just won’t do, the Arena Mortis awaits. Grab a single fighter and face off against between 2 and 5 other players in a fast-paced and brutal hunt for glory.

Expanding on rules first presented in White Dwarf, Arena Mortis contains everything you need to use your existing fighters in thrilling multiplayer clashes. You’ll build power decks and battle to the death with a single fighter – and beyond, as the only way to gain glory is through kills, and no warrior stays dead for long…

The double-sided board is perfect for Arena Mortis battles and can be used in any Warhammer Underworlds game. Likewise, the 40 new universal power cards – 20 gambits and 20 upgrades – will shake up your decks in every play format. 

Arena Mortis will be coming your way in September. Keep your eyes open for lots more news – and for fighters sneaking up on you from behind…


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