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System Gateway Remastered Edition

Null Signal

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It is the future. Humanity is spread across the solar system but is held in the iron grip of colossal megacorporations. Corps control every aspect of your daily life and seek to redefine life itself with android labor. Their ubiquitous Network contains endless oceans of information, the Corps' greatest strength...and their singular weakness.

In this asymmetric card game, play as Runners, diverse hackers seeking to bring down or profit from the systems of the Lunar city of Heinlein, or as Corps, advancing their agendas to wring even more blood and profit from the lunar dust.

System Gateway is Null Signal’s foundational set. It is designed as an out-of-the-box learning experience and provides everything you need to start playing Netrunner. The cards in the set are straightforward, yet powerful, and will form the cornerstone of any player’s collection.

One copy of System Gateway  Remastered Edition is all two people need to learn Netrunner.

  • Size: Full playsets of 77 new cards (73 original Standard-legal cards, 2 reprints of Standard-legal cards, 2 tutorial-only identity cards), plus player aids
  • Total cards: 205 playable cards, plus player aids
  • Set symbol: Portal
  • NetrunnerDB set abbreviation: sg (Rulings)

System Gateway – Remastered Edition now comes as a single product, containing both the tutorial Starter Decks and the Deckbuilding Pack. Learn to play with the Starter Decks, then craft your own Runner and Corp decks using the cards contained in the deckbuilding pack! A copy of System Gateway – Remastered Edition contains a full playset of every card in the set.

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