System Gateway Remastered: Borealis Part 1 - Midnight Sun Card Games Null Signal

System Gateway Remastered: Borealis Part 1 - Midnight Sun

Null Signal

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In the thawing Arctic Circle, the corps reach new levels of ruthlessness in their pursuit for profit, and runners turn to new tricks to fight them.

Midnight Sun is a 65-card expansion and the first half of the Borealis Cycle. It introduces three brand-new Runner mechanics—sabotage, mark, and charge—and gives Corps more powerful tools for pushing toward victory.

Play as Runners, diverse hackers fighting for a cause or a payday within the warming regions of the Arctic, or as Corps advancing their agendas to exploit the largest caches of untouched resources on Earth.

This is not a standalone game. A copy of System Gateway is required to play.

Fast Facts

  • Cycle: Part 1 of 2 in the Borealis Cycle
  • Size: Full playsets of 65 new cards
  • Total cards: 185 playable cards, plus player aids
  • Set symbol: Globe with ripple effect
  • NetrunnerDB set abbreviation: ms

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