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  • 2–99 Players
  • 30 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 8+

Face off against your opponents in a series of challenges sure to test your speed and agility. Actions that anyone can do-it all comes down to who can do it first. Flip It, Stack It, Spell It, Roll It - SHABOOM!.

To play, flip over a card. If it's an Event card, follow the instructions on the card. The illustration on the card shows you which pieces to use and how to use them. The first player to successfully complete the challenge gets to keep the card.

Last Out cards play the same as Event cards, but you simply don't want to be the last player to complete the event, otherwise you have to return one of your collected cards to the deck.

Boom Laws cards don't require any competition, but they do put a restriction on the next Event or Last Out card to be drawn. For instance, you might have to put your right hand on your neighbor's shoulder while trying to roll even numbers using all five of your dice.

The first player to collect 10 cards wins.

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