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Return to Dark Tower Covenant Expansion

Restoration Games

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New heroes to play, new treasures to uncover, new corruptions to get in your way and more!

More content to use in your quest to take down the Dark Tower!

The Return to Dark Tower Covenant Expansion includes:

  • 4 new Heroes (Reverent Astromancer, Devious Swindler, Untamed Warden, Undaunted Aegis)
    • 4 miniatures, bases, Hero boards
    • 12 Virtue tiles
    • 10 Astromancer spells
    • 1 Quarry token, 8 Blessing cards
  • 8 Monuments (Arch of the Golden Sun, Argent Oak, Cenotaph of the First Prophet, Colossus of Björn, Endless necropolis, Moonstone Temple, Nightmare Cage, Tower Shard)
    • 12 Offering tokens
    • 8 Monument cards
    • 4 Monument Foundation tokens
  • 14 Doom Skulls (Skulls that cannot be removed from their building)
  • 6 Protection tokens
  • 32 Wasteland tokens (which negate terrain effects and prevent Heroes from leaving their space for the rest of the turn)
  • 20 new Treasures (including a new type: Wands, that gain and use charge tokens to power their effects)
    • 10 Charge tokens
  • 12 new, harder Corruptions (to modulate game difficulty)

Note this is not a standalone game, a copy of the Return to Dark Tower Board Game is required to play!

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