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Power Rangers RPG A Time of Knight

Renegade Game Studios

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Can You Stop the Black Knight from Stealing the Future?

When Power Rangers learn about the Black Knight’s scheme to rule the future, they must face the past to stand a chance against the Knight’s draconic dynasty! Can the Rangers overcome the knight’s sinister allies, recover magic artifacts, and prevail against a timeless evil?

An adventure for four to six 5th-level Power Rangers, and perfect for heroes created from the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game: A Jump Through Time sourcebook. This adventure requires the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook to play.


  • Explores Angel Grove through past and present to save the future.
  • Face 5 New Threats, such as the Black Knight, the mythical Dragon, and more!
  • For four to six 5th-Level Power Rangers.
  • Ties in thematically with the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game A Jump Through Time Sourcebook

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