Warhammer 40,000 Necron Convergence of Dominion

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Expected Release: 10/24/20

  • Contains 3 plastic Citadel Miniatures
  • A Fortification choice for Necron armies
  • Act as 3 separate units, each Convergence enhances the leadership of nearby Necron units and enables nearby units to better benefit from army special rules

Of course, the Space Marines aren’t getting things all their own way – the Necrons have some Fortifications too, in the elaborately named Convergence of Dominion. If the Hammerfall Bunker is straightforward and brutal, the Convergence of Dominion is esoteric and deadly. Ancient guardian stones, these remnants from the Necrons’ ancient empire have begun to awaken, with deadly effect. 

Convergence of Dominion

Each Convergence of Dominion consists of three Starstele (they’re the big obelisk-type things), which are seriously durable and armed with impressively deadly transdimensional abductors! Even better, they bolster units from your dynasty that are nearby and, with the help of a friendly Cryptek, can perform Translocation Protocols to redeploy across the battlefield. Yeah… these are great.

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