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Exceed: Street Fighter – M. Bison Box


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  • 2 Players
  • 15–25 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 10+

Exceed brings the speed, tactics, and variety of high-stakes fighting action to life. Choose your fighter and enter the arena. There are no packs to open or rares to chase get everything you need to play right here. Exceed Season 3 features fighters from Capcom's illustrious fighting game franchise, Street Fighter!

This box contains:

  • M. Bison - A gauge-focused fighter who rapidly builds up power and spends it to make his dangerous attacks safer.
  • Cammy - A highly mobile fighter who is able to attack opponents by moving past them with her special attacks.
  • Ken - A well-rounded fighter with a focus on high power and rushdown tactics. Stronger on the offensive.
  • Guile - An attrition fighter with ways to rapidly reload his hand and improve his position over time.

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