Elite: Dangerous Battle Cards

Elite: Dangerous Battle Cards

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Players: 2     Play Time: 45-90 Min     Age: 10+

Fight epic space battles across the Elite: Dangerous galaxy. Battle in asteroid belts to gain cover against enemy attacks, explore planets to gain advantage over your foe, or send a fleet of transports to construct an unstoppable capital ship. Create an armada of spaceships, fighters, warships – even entire space stations. Use special abilities to outflank your enemy, upgrade your vessels with enhanced equipment or play action cards to save yours ships or foil your opponent.

—description from the publisher

The Starter Pack contains two decks of 30 cards each along with the basic mission cards needed to play any game of ED Battle Cards. All the cards are non-randomised (as they are in every set). For the Starter Pack one deck has mostly Federation aligned ships and the other mostly Imperial.

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