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  • 5–20 Players
  • 30–120 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 15+

In the quiet village of Ravenswood Bluff, ‌a demon walks amongst you...

During a hellish thunderstorm, on the stroke of midnight, there echoes a bone-chilling scream. The townsfolk rush to investigate and find the town storyteller murdered, their body impaled on the hands of the clocktower, blood dripping onto the cobblestones below.

A Demon is on the loose, murdering by night and disguised in human form by day. Some have scraps of information. Others have abilities that fight the evil or protect the innocent. But the Demon and its evil minions are spreading lies to confuse and breed suspicion.

Will the good townsfolk put the puzzle together in time to execute the true demon and save themselves? Or will evil overrun this once peaceful village?

Blood on the Clocktower is a bluffing game enjoyed by 5 to 20 players on opposing teams of Good and Evil, overseen by a Storyteller player who conducts the action and makes crucial decisions.

During a 'day' phase players socialize openly and whisper privately to trade knowledge or spread lies, culminating in a player's execution if a majority suspects them of being Evil. Of a 'night' time, players close their eyes and are woken one at a time by the Storyteller to gather information, spread mischief, or kill.

The Storyteller uses the game's intricate playing pieces to guide each game, leaving others free to play without a table or board. Players stay in the thick of the action to the very end even if their characters are killed, haunting Ravenswood Bluff as ghosts trying to win from beyond the grave.

If you arrive late to a game, you can enter after it's started as a powerful Traveller character with unusual talents and questionable allegiances. Each character comes with their own special ability and no two players in a game are ever the same character.



A highly replayable social bluffing game for up to 20 players who delight in murder & mystery, creative strategies, and unique challenges. No two games are ever the same and no player is ever eliminated. In Blood on the Clocktower, death is not the end…


Blood on the Clocktower contains a collection of three editions, each with their own strengths & features, and crafted to encourage different styles of play.



Mix and Match These Editions for Endless Variations

Each of the scripts in the Blood on the Clocktower collection has been carefully balanced over hundreds of play-tests across the world and provides a distinct social deduction experience.

But if you want to get creative, all 72 starting roles in this collection can be mixed and matched into custom scripts using the Script Tool.



Kickstarter Stretch Goal Roles

Pre-release expansion roles, unlocked through stretch goals, can also be mixed into your custom games through a special advanced Script Tool that will be made available to backers.

A big part of what makes Blood on the Clocktower different is the Grimoire itself. This is the game's box, which opens out to be the Storyteller's 'book' and where they track all the action with ease and clarity.

The Grimoire
The Grimoire
The Open Grimoire, Showing a Game of 'Trouble Brewing'
The Open Grimoire, Showing a Game of 'Trouble Brewing'

The base of the Grimoire is lined with felt. Every token used by the Storyteller is also lined with felt so that they 'stick' effortlessly inside the Grimoire with friction, allowing the Storyteller to move freely with it.

The Storyteller needs to have the Grimoire with them as they wake each player of a night phase, in order to update a player's in-game status or give them appropriate information. For example, if the Poisoner poisons someone then you must place the 'poisoned' token next to that player so you remember they’re poisoned when you come to them later in the night.

Every night phase is conducted in silence from the Storyteller. They tap players on the shoulder to 'wake' them and use established visual signals to communicate. By not calling out an instruction, this feature lets the Storyteller 'skip' characters that are not in the game and keeps the night phases shorter. It means that the Storyteller needs to be physically in the space with the Grimoire in order to give and receive these visual signals.

A Prototype Token with Felt Backing
A Prototype Token with Felt Backing

In the years developing Blood on the Clocktower we've found that felt-backed tokens are, by far, the simplest and most effective tool for a Storyteller to run the game. Whilst the look & feel of them are nicer than the ill-suited alternatives (such as magnets, stickers, or markers), these felt-lined components aren't an aesthetic flourish – they're a physical feature required to play.

They're also completely new! No other game has felt-backed components. To bring them to life, we've partnered with one of the most trusted names in games manufacturing, Panda GM, who are excited to be working with us on this innovative new production process. 



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