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BCW Modular Sorting Tray 6ct


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The BCW Modular Sorting Tray is made by combining individual card cells to form a grid sized for your card game, display, or sorting project. The single cells slide together using special dovetail joints to form a sturdy tray. The base in each card cell can be placed at the bottom for card storage, or moved to an angled position for card sorting and displaying. When the card cells are in the storage position, the tray is stackable. The card cells are large enough to store and display cards in toploaders, or display cards in magnetic holders. The card cells are sold in packs of six, and can be combined with additional cells to create the perfect tray for your project. The Modular Sorting Tray is excellent for sports cards, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dominion, Catan, Machi Koro, Ascension, Legendary, Clank, Firefly, and many others games.

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