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Age of Comics: The Golden Years


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Age of Comics: The Golden Years is a worker placement game in which players run a comic book publishing company during the golden age of comics. In each round, the players use their editor meeples to complete various publishing tasks, such as hiring a creative team, developing new comic books (or creating rip-offs of those published by their competitors), and printing and selling them across Manhattan's newsstands. As more comic books are published, special actions and rewards are unlocked to power up the players' strategies.

To become the top comic book publisher and win the game, the player must earn the most victory points at the end of five rounds by publishing comics and gathering a fan base for them, generating ideas for new comics, improving their printing quality and earning money.

Superheroes, romance, crime, sci-fi, western or horror... Which comics series will you create to become a comic book industry mogul?

This item includes 7 specially designed enamel mastery tokens one for each of the comic book main genres of the game:

crime, horror, romance, sci-fi, superheroes, and western plus the war genre token.

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