Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs

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Gloomhaven and its mercenaries get shrunk down in this unique stand-alone, single-player adventure!

In the aftermath of recent events, reclusive aesther Hail, celebrated for saving the city multiple times, detests her newfound reputation. Intruding wannabe heroes and vengeful demons endlessly disrupt her studies at the Crooked Bone. 

Rather than moving, she decides to enchant her door, shrinking those who open it. Enter your character, an aspiring hero who falls victim to this enchantment. Now miniature in a lawless realm, they must find another way into the Crooked Bone and persuade Hail to reverse their diminutive state. 

Buttons & Bugs gives you the same deep strategy combat of Gloomhaven but in a fraction of the size. Its compact footprint and streamlined system means you can setup and play a scenario in under 20 minutes, and it fits on your coffee table or even an airplane tray table!

1 Player | Ages 10+ | ~20 minutes per scenario

Components Include:

  • 6 Unique mercenaries, each with a micro miniature, character card, 8 double-sided ability cards, and more
  • 22 Scenario cards with mini battle maps
  • 30 Condition Tokens
  • 10 double-sided monster stat cards featuring 20 distinct foes
  • Digital DIZED Tutorial
  • Physical Learn to Play Guide

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