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Unicorn Stew

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The King is Hungry!

The problem is, he’s not sure what he wants. In fact, he’s never sure what he wants. The best he can ever do is let the local chefs know that today he’s feeling kind of “gourmet… and… Ogre…ish…” or “something quick… and… Dragony…”

Whether you’re serving up a Pegasus Pot Pie, Fairy Kabobs, or a bowl of steaming Mermaid Chowder, match closest to what the King wants (or at least sabotage the other chefs) and be named the Realm’s Top Chef!

Each round a King's Menu card is revealed, detailing what he is in the mood for. Each player selects an order card from their hand hoping it matches closer than the other players. All Order cards are revealed simultaneously, and the winner claims the Menu card. Doubles always cancel, and Unicorn stew will usually win but watch out for sabotage cards from other chefs. Clan three Menu cards of the same ingredient or 5 of the same fining option to win!

From the deranged minds and studio that brought you Kittens in a Blender comes the latest in fantastical food failures... UNICORN STEW; a fast paced game of mythological menu planning for 3-6 aspiring chefs! 

As for the cards, you might recognize a lot of our fantasy entrees. Here is a short selection of some of our cards:

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