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Pyramid of Pengqueen

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Players: 2-5      Time: 30-45 Min      Ages: 8+

Four brave penguins have entered the long-lost pyramid of Pengqueen and must now claim its fabulous treasures before the Mummy drags them down into her tomb for all eternity.

Pyramid of Pengqueen is an exciting 3D game of cat and mouse for children, teenagers, families and casual gamers, in which your goal is to collect the treasure using strategy and risk assessment skills before the player playing as the Mummy can catch you.

Game Set Up

Slot together the 3D magnetic game board, and place the Mummy and adventurer figures on their opposite sides. Adventurers can see the Mummy’s moves but the Mummy player may never look at the treasure hunter board. Give each adventurer 5 treasure cards to find.

Starting the Game

Adventurers takes turn to roll the dice and move across the game board toward their chosen treasure - each die will either show a number or a Mummy symbol. The Mummy then rolls her die, and adds the Mummy symbols to her move.

Finding the Winner

A treasure hunter immediately wins the game as soon as they have retrieved all five of their treasures. The Mummy wins the game by catching treasure hunters and taking their life tokens.

Unique Game Play

Played on a vertical, 3D board with magnetic pieces, Pyramid of Pengqueen is a unique one vs all hide and seek board game requiring deduction, strategy, tactical thinking and risk assessment. Offering excitement and the suspense of close calls, the colorful board game is quick and easy to learn, unpredictable to play, and features the hero penguins from the award winning ICECOOL family board game.

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