Night Parade: Moonlight Whispers Expansion Board Games Common Ground Games

Night Parade: Moonlight Whispers Expansion

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Expansion for Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai
- 2 New Asymmetric Clans : Tanuki & Kappa
- New Abilities : Change and Hide
- The Whisper Islands

There are legends, even among the Yokai, of beings so unique and powerful that even the Yokai King himself could neither control nor banish them. The Daiyokai, whose names should never be uttered aloud, are enigmatic creatures. But beware, for they have their own agendas and are loyal to no one.

The Whisper Island Tiles represent the mysterious archipelago where the Daiyokai dwell. Each of
these Island Tiles is governed by two elements; however, you must still abide by the rule that forbids
you from placing more than 1 Meeple on each Island Tile during a single turn.