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Munchkin Messenger Bag

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Our Munchkin Messenger Bag is the perfect accessory for a Munchkin gamer on the go! It's designed to store over a thousand cards—two core sets and two Munchkin Boxes of Holding — and still leave you room for accessories, water bottles, pencils, and dice!

Of course, we're also including some awesome swag with it: four unique Munchkin cards (two Doors, two Treasures) and one custom, never-before-seen 25mm d6! And like all other Munchkin accessories, the bag comes with its own special rule!

Official Rule

Roll the included die at the start of the game. You may "bank" cards from your hand under the die before giving Charity at the end of your turn. You may not bank more cards than the number you rolled, and you may not change the cards you have set aside. At any time, you may choose to put all the banked cards back in your hand, but you may only retrieve banked cards once per game unless you change sex, in which case you may roll the die and bank cards a second time.

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