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Hide & Seek Safari


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  • 2 Players
  • 20 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 4+

Hide & Seek... that is: hide the plastic tiger and go find it with the electronic plastic wand.

Per R&R Games:
A Unique Toy for All ages.

Introducing Hide & Seek Safari. The folks here at R & R Games have brought the childhood classic "Hotter, Colder" into the 21st Century. Use the Seeker wand to track down and catch this elusive Tiger. Lights flash to show you're getting warmer and the Seeker will sound when the Tiger is near!

The Secret is in the Seeker:

  • A Green light tells you the Seeker is on, and that the Tiger is not nearby.
  • The first red light tells you that the Tiger is probably in the room you are in. If it flickers, you're not very close.
  • If it is solid, you're within 10-20 feet of the Tiger.
  • The remaining red lights will flicker and then become solid as you get closer to the Tiger. The strongest signal is when the Seeker is pointed in the exact direction of the Tiger.
  • The Seeker will beep when you are within 2-5 feet of the Tiger (depending on the strength of the signal). When this happens, look around... the Tiger is VERY CLOSE.

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