MTG [OTJ] Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Welcome to the brand-spankin'-new frontier plane of Thunder Junction, where you can be the bad guy, plot daring heists, and ride off into the sunset. Arriving April 19, Outlaws of Thunder Junction is Magic's first Western-themed set where the stakes are high, the repercussions of the Phyrexian invasion are still felt, and the story around the strange Omenpaths continues to build.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction key art

The Omenpaths are open, and everyone's blowing into town to seek their fortune as an outlaw. Oko, the baddest outlaw of them all, is getting together a posse of the Multiverse's most wanted to pull off a heist of epic scale.

An ancient vault has been discovered in Thunder Junction, and it's rumored to hide untold riches and power. Everyone wants a slice of the pie, but Oko and his rip-roaring team aim to be the first inside.

Oko's son, Kellan, has at last tracked down his wayward father, but his schemes threaten to sweep Kellan into the role of a villain.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is rife with outlaw-versus-outlaw conflict set against the arresting backdrop of frontier fantasy.