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Tokyo Series: Currency Torraku


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Players: 1-6      Time: 15-30 Min      Ages: --

CURRENCY TORRAKU is the second metal currency set released for the TOKYO SERIES, after CURRENCY SAKANA. The set consists in a linen bag containing three kind of small metal tokens, shaped as rice cookers, washing machines, and Japanese trucks. The set can be used as a currency set replacement for any game, or as a game on its own.

The first rule set released for CURRENCY TORRAKU is STACK ATTACK!, a dexterity and bidding game for 1 to 6 players. In STACK ATTACK!, each player begins the game with a set consisting in 2 trucks, 2 washing machines, and 6 rice cookers. Each round, each player bids in turn how many items he can stack, until all have passed. Then, starting with the last player to pass, each player on his turn adds his first item to a stack in the center of the table, until all pieces are gone or the stack falls. If the stack falls, the player who made the stack fall takes the fallen items as penalty. When all players have no pieces left in their betting row for the round, the round ends. If any player has zero items left from his starting set, he wins the game. If no player has zero items left, a new bidding round begins.


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