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Super Hazard Quest


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Players: 2-8      Time: 15-60 Min      Ages: 10+

From the publisher:

Super Hazard Quest is a table-top game inspired by retro video games. But Super Hazard Quest not only references classic side-scrollers, it plays like them too.

Like many of its inspirations, the goal of Super Hazard Quest is to defeat the game’s “FINAL BOSS”. But only one hero can take the glory.

Giant “DUNGEON” cards make up the game’s “board”. Each card features a unique room in the adventure, complete with obstacles (or HAZARDS) that stand in a hero’s way.

“ITEM” cards, along with each hero’s innate ability, help players navigate from room to room. Whenever an unexplored part of the Dungeon is reached, a new Dungeon card is drawn from the deck and connected. Thus, the level builds as the heroes explore.

Hidden among the Dungeon cards are Boss Rooms, including the game’s Final Boss. But ordinary Items won’t be enough. A magic CRYSTAL, well protected by Mini-Bosses, are the only weakness of the game’s ultimate villain. Heroes must first find a Mini-Boss, earn a Crystal and be the first to reach the Final Boss in order to win.

It’s all the fun of multi-player retro gaming without ever having to blow into a cartridge!

54 Item Cards
26 Dungeon Cards
1 Instructional Cards
8 Character Tokens
16 Crystal Shards
1 Instructional Manual