Power Rangers RPG Jump Time  Renegade Game Studios

Power Rangers RPG Jump Time

Renegade Game Studios

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A Jump Through Time features a wealth of new options for your Power Rangers Roleplaying Game, both for players and Game Masters! Play as the Purple, Orange, or advanced Spectrum Quantum Ranger Roles.

Customize your characters with new time travel-themed Origins and Influences. Master new Perks and equipment from Time Force, R.P.M., and other teams. Pilot a host of new Zords and Zord attack vehicles.

Use all of this and more to protect the Grid as you face off against new Threats, ranging from Venjix Attack Bots to leaders such as the mutant criminal kingpin, Ransik!


New character options, including requested roles: Purple, Orange, and Quantum

Focus on time-themed seasons including Time Force and R.P.M.

Dozens of new Threats to face

New Zords and other pieces of equipment

Ties in thematically with the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game A Time of Knight Adventure

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