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Easy Roller Dice

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High Quality Construction and Design

High Quality Leatherette Exterior - The flat black leatherette material gives this box a good feel in the hand, and offers a durable quality that will last. Professional Grade Interior - Our sturdy synthetic velvet liner is designed to withstand the wear-and-tear that dice will put on it.

The removable foam interior allows you to display your favorite 7-piece set, or it can be removed to store 21 dice comfortably.

Show Off Your Dice and Protect Your Collection Nobody makes a dice display case quite like this one.  

You can display your favorite set using the foam insert or you can remove the foam insert and store up to 21 polyhedral dice (standard 16mm size).  In either arrangement, you can flip on the sturdy lid, and transport your dice without fear of damaging your best set.

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