Quests of Doom Volume 2 (D&D 5e Compatible)

Quests of Doom Volume 2 (D&D 5e Compatible)

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Similar in many respects to Quests of Doom: Volume 1, Volume 2 includes the same categories as Volume 1, but with different adventures.

Categories: "Bugs & Blobs," "Demons & Devils," "Giants & Dragons," "Lycanthropes & Elementals," "Men & Monstrosities," and "Vampires & Liches".

Of Ants & Men by Bill Webb
Pit of Despair by Casey W. Christofferson & Bill Webb
Dread Dragon Temple by James M. Ward
The Darkening of Namjan Forest by Michael Curtis
Perils of Ghostwind Pass by Matt Finch
Isle of Eliphaz by Bill Webb & Clark Peterson

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