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Seaside is a game that features only wooden tokens, and being lightweight and super portable, can be played everywhere. Bring it along on your next adventure! The sun is shining as a light, salty wind sends cottony clouds scudding across the sky. Sandpipers filling their bellies with strange insects, crabs hiding under piles of rocks, seashells washed up on the beach, curling waves that break along the beach. Nature in its simplest beauty.1. Draw a token from the bag and choose a side2. Apply its effect and collect as many tokens as you can3. Take some risks... The highest stack of tokens at the end wins! Create your Seaside with the elements the sea sends your way, one token at a time. Take advantage of opportunities to snatch as many tokens as you can each turn. At the end of the game, stack everything you collected, and the player with the highest pile wins the game.

UNBEATABLE PORTABILITY - Windproof and water-resistant components make perfect for outdoor play. The game is simply wooden tokens in a fabric bag, so you can take it anywhere!
EASY-TO-LEARN GAMEPLAY - Just grab a token, pick a side, and apply the effect. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a beginner, quick and easy rules mean you can jump right in and start having fun.
STRATEGIC AND COMPETITIVE - While easy to learn, Seaside offers depth with tactical decisions on token collection and timing, creating a competitive experience.
IMMERSE YOURSELF IN NATURE - Transport yourself to seaside ecosystem with sandy beaches, seashells, and waves—an ideal way to unwind and relax as you create your own seaside haven.
STACK AND WIN - The goal is simple: The highest stack wins! Pile them up at the end to see who won!

Ages 8+
1-5 players

1 bag
70 wooden tokens
1 player aid

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