World War Z: The Game

World War Z: The Game

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  • 2–4 Players
  • 50 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 12+

In World War Z: The Game, a strategy game based on the movie and book of the same name, players work together to stop the spread of the zombie pandemic across the globe. Two to four players begin the game by choosing an ability-granting Role Card and starting in the United States. Players roll a die to initiate the zombie threat, represented by horde tokens of strengths 1 through 4 placed in zones around the board. Special "grey zones" represent lack of intel by featuring face-down tokens with zombie hordes of unknown strengths. Throughout the game, players travel to different zones and battle the zombie hordes in those locations by rolling dice and adding effects of Combat Cards.

The game features a die-based combat system. Humans always roll a six-sided die, while the hordes are represented by either a six-, eight-, ten-, or twelve-sided die depending on their strength. Humans may modify their role or add additional effects by playing Combat Cards, which consist of reusable Weapons (including Lobos, slang for "Lobotomizers") and one-shot Tactics (like Booby Traps or Redeployment). Every time a human wins a battle, the zombie horde strength decreases by one level, while victories for zombies cause players to discard Combat Cards. At the end of each turn, humans draw a Threat Escalation card to reveal how the zombie threat has grown.

Though players start the game working together against the zombies, when a player loses all his Combat cards, he becomes one of the undead. Player-zombies can manipulate the hordes on the board to attack other humans and to escalate the zombie threat.

The game ends after a predetermined number of rounds based on the number of players (six rounds for four players, seven for three, and eight for two). At the end of the game, if more than ten total zombie hordes of strength 3 or 4 still remain on the map, the humans lose (and any zombie players win). If ten or fewer such hordes remain, the humans collectively win.

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