Street Fighter Miniatures Game

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Street Fighter Miniatures Game is an exciting, new, high quality pre-painted miniatures-board game hybrid that uses the brand-new Universal Tactics System! This system allows 2-6 players to simulate fights across Street Fighter's iconic roster by controlling their favorite characters, playing cards and rolling dice from their specific 40-card Battle Decks!

• High quality pre-painted “Collector Sized” miniatures with breath-taking sculpts! • Individual 40-card character Battle Decks split into Projectiles, Specials, Strikes and Event Cards! Use powerful Super & Ultra Combos for impressive finishes. • An Innovative Combo Chain Attack System rewards smart play and hand management. • Cross compatible with future Universal Tactics System sets! Create your dream scenarios for some truly legendary fights • Stage Maps with 3D Destructible Terrain inspired straight from the video games. Plastic components.

Contents: 1 Rulebook, 6 Miniatures, 6 Battle Decks (246 Cards), 6 Player Boards, 1 Double-Sided Game Board, 6 Terrain Punchout Boards, 8 Power-Up Tokens, 6 Turn Order Tokens, 6 Tag Team Tokens, 3 Continue Tokens, 1 Guard Token, 8 Red Battle Dice. Miniatures are supplied pre-painted and pre-assembled.


Let us get a detailed look at each one of our fighters included in the Core Set!

Adding a NEW DIMENSION to Street Fighter!  

Destructible Stage Terrain adds a new exciting element to the Street Fighter experience and it adds a new layer of strategic depth to the game as you attempt to out outmaneuver your opponent and set them up for extra damage!  

Each round the terrain is reset and the fighter positions swapped as to offer an equal opportunity to both players, plus its just more fun to crash into more stuff. Smart awareness, positioning and baiting your opponent can easily win you the day!  


We wanted anyone to be able to jump right in and play! So we had to make learning the game simple, but yet still have the depth to please experienced gamers and fighting game fans. This was an extremely challenging task for sure, especially when you consider the game system is built not only for Versus Mode but also Free for All and Team Games, essentially three games in one! However after 2 years of development we've believe we have found the right balance between accessibility, strategy, luck and fun factor!  

It's as Simple as.... DRAW. MOVE. FIGHT!

1. DRAW! - Draw 2 cards from your Battle Deck as you start your turn. Skipping this only for the first turn you take.

2. MOVE! - Move your character up to their Movement Value in any direction.

3. FIGHT! - Take 2 Actions in any order and in any amount from these Actions:  MOVE, DRAW, or PLAY A CARD.

On defense your choice is even easier but yet still an important tension filled decision. Do you BLOCK or COUNTER-ATTACK?

BLOCK - Roll two default Battle Dice and apply results vs opponent's attack roll.  You may also discard certain cards with defensive dice values to "BOOST" your Block Roll.


COUNTER-ATTACK - Play a Counter for a Strike, Special or Projectile, if successful discard opponents card and perform Counter-Attack Ability, usually causing damage during your opponents turn!

And that's how the game works! 

As you roll your Battle Dice & play your cards you will gain meter results which contribute to your Meter Gauge allowing you to enhance certain attacks or save these for the powerful Super and Ultra Combos that can finish your opponents instantly! Best 2 rounds out of 3 WINS!

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