Risk: Mass Effect Galaxy at War Edition

Risk: Mass Effect Galaxy at War Edition

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Players: 2-5    Play Time: 90 Min     Age: 10+

Includes 3 play modes:
A Risk re-implementation based on the popular Mass Effect series of video games.

Includes 3 play modes:

Basic Training – Standard RISK game play,
Galaxy at War – fast-paced and strategic, individual and team play.
War Assets – quick card and dice game play.

Game comes complete with over 250 game pieces. Custom components include 2 Alliance Armies, 2 Reaper Armies, 1 Cerberus Army, 2 Harbinger pieces. 81 Faction Cards representing the 3 factions, 18 War Assets planet scanning cards (which can also be played as a standalone mini-game), Custom game board, 5 six-sided dice and 4 eight-sided dice.

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