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Ninja Dice Team Location Card Expansion


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Players: 2-5    Play Time: 15-30 Min     Age: 8+

Are you ready to join forces with your ninja friends in this epic team-based Location Card expansion for Ninja Dice? Inside this box are 24 team locations that can only be beaten with the sheer force of cooperation. Introducing new art, new stories, and exciting new ways to play the push-your-luck dice game where the direction of the dice matters!

Team Location Rules
Setup: You will need two sets of Ninja Dice to play. Get into teams of 2.
Sort the cards: Team Locations come in sets of 6, such as the Omi Mint. You will play with one set per team, plus one extra. Choose which sets you will play with, and put any others aside.
Sort the cards into 3 decks for Round 1, 2, and 3, as shown on the back of the card. Place all the cards for the current Round face up on the table.
Coin reward = Number on bronze coin + Number in black box. (No bonus.)
Teamwork: If an Active Ninja targets his teammate’s locked Hourglasses with a Fortune, he can use the Fortune to remove one Hourglass (the Fortune can’t be used for anything else that roll). You can revive a ninja who has run out of time.
Once on your turn, you may give a Skill Die to your partner. They can’t give it back and they can’t lend you one afterwards. They roll that die in addition to their other dice for the rest of the turn.
Scores are kept as a team.
Kage Dice (expansion content): Can target any dice. Awesome! (Hourglasses still lock to chosen ninja.)
Your Team’s Turn: Choose a pair of Locations from the same set. (You do not need to choose the same set each Round.) You will try to defeat one Location Card while your partner tries to defeat the other. Roll the number of House Dice in the black box and add the icons and rules on the card to create your House.You each roll Skill Dice simultaneously, but keep them separate. Skill Dice you roll only count towards your House.
Your partner can choose not to roll while you roll.You can keep rolling if your partner is out of time.

Not Your Turn: Choose an Active Ninja to roll against; your Hourglasses don’t affect the other Active Ninja this turn. Roll Threat Dice each time your chosen Active Ninjas rolls Skill Dice.
If there is more than one Inactive team, ninjas on the same team have to be on the same location. If you’re the only one rolling against an Active Ninja, roll an additional Threat Die (not a Kage Die).
Ending Your Turn: Both ninjas must run away or collect coin rewards at the same time. A Ninja with 4 Hourglasses must stop rolling and collects no reward, even if she beat the House.

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