Necromunda House of Chains Dice Set Miniatures Games Workshop

Necromunda House of Chains Dice Set

Games Workshop

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Releasing August 29th, 2020

Forged in the very furnaces of House Goliath, these dice are sure to bring luck to any gang hailing from the House of Chains. Whether your Vatborn, Natborn or Unborn, you'll want a set of these dice to show your allegiance to the Over-tyrant.

These 16mm six-sided dice are red in colour with a transparent gem effect and gold-coloured fill ins. The box contains:
– 3x D6 with House of Chains Logo on the 6 face
– 2x Necromunda Firepower dice
– 2x Necromunda Injury dice
– 1x Necromunda Scatter dice

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