Kingswood Deluxe Edition

Kingswood Deluxe Edition

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Arrange the five starting locations in a circle, adding one from the special location options. Prepare the monsters deck according to player count by stacking Chapter 1 cards on top of the Chapter 2 cards, then reveal three monsters in the forest. Place the three adventurers onto their starting locations with the King's Guard nearby. Each player takes a Guild Leader card and starting resources. Determine the first player, giving that person the King's Crown. You're ready to begin!

 Movement and Actions: 

On your turn, choose one of the three adventurers. You may perform the action at their current location. Next, move the adventurer to another vacant location - adjacent cards have no cost, but skipping locations cost one gold per card. You may perform the action at the new location. Finally, place the King's Guard meeple on the location from where your movement began. 

 Forest and Fighting Monsters

If you activate the Forest location, you may choose to fight any number of face up cards in the Forest. Exhaust the number of hearts, spell books, and/or swords as required by the card by flipping them from their active color side to their inactive gray side. You may also need to spend gold coins which then get returned to the supply. Collect the monsters as you defeat them and immediately perform the reward listed on the card (if applicable). 

Ending the Game

When a player reaches 20 fame points, the end game is triggered. Play will continue until the player to the right of the starting player has taken their turn so that all players will receive an equal number of turns. Highest fame point total will win.

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