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King's Forge: Apprentices Expansion


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  • 2–5 Players
  • 45–60 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 13+

King Loosens Foreign Laborer Laws and Demands More Crafts!

Hear ye! Hear ye! This ROYAL DECREE is issued to spread the news of looser government regulations and corporate oversight to all village craftspersons wishing to apply for position of King Alphons Sedwickson III's court position of King's Forge. The King has graciously approved the use of Apprentices (i.e. "glorified interns") for any person wishing to apply for this royal court position. The King also hopes that his laissez-fair economic policies greatly increase the number and diversity of gathering locations around the village as well as the variety of items that can be crafted. King Sedwickson III is aware that all of these extra freedoms may result in competitors submitting items counterfeited from other sources (but given the King's poor eyesight it is unlikely that competitors will ever be caught for doing so).

The expansion King's Forge: Apprentices is designed with modular components such that all or any combination of the following can be added into the base game:

  • Dice, Smithy tiles and rules to allow a fifth player
  • Apprentice cards, which can be hired by the players to gain permanent bonuses
  • Craft cards that emphasize both the easiest and most difficult parts of the Craft item spectrum
  • Gathering cards to increase the size and diversity of each game's Gather Deck

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