GodTear Kickstarter Bundle

GodTear Kickstarter Bundle

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  • 2 Players
  • 60–120 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 14+

In a shattered world called the Cradle, players take control of mighty champions as they battle to claim the powerful tears of perished gods.

Their goal? To use the godtears to gain immortality...and ultimate power.

Godtear is a fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players, in which each player takes their warband of Champions and Followers and battles rival warbands for control of the precious Godtears scattered across the land.

Every game of Godtear offers you an intense and exciting tactical challenge, full of cinematic moments. Thanks to a completely factionless system, you'll have total freedom to choose your warband from any of the myriad Champions and their Followers, and build your own unique path to victory.

With high-detail amazing pre-assembled PVC models, everything is ready to play straight out the box. Simply grab the three Champions you feel will tell the coolest story, or perfectly fit your playstyle, or that simply look the most stunning and you’re playing!


  • Godtear the Game
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals
  • All Unlocked Daily Goals
  • Blackjaw, the Bloody Messiah
  • Raith'Marid, The Rising Tsunami
  • Rangosh, Scourge of the Broken Plains
  • Rhodri Ironheart, Thane of the Forsaken Holds
  • Shayle, Keeper of the Oath
  • Lorsain, the Autumnal Wind
  • Godtear Dice Set (Smoke) - KS EXCLUSIVE
  • Base Rings - White & Black Sets
  • Neoprene Playmat - KS EXCLUSIVE
  • Rattlebone, Prophet of the Ascended Past
  • Halftusk, Warden of the Stonekin Isle

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