Genesys: Secrets of the Crucible: Mutant Invasion!

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Expected Release: September 11th, 2020 

Players expand their Genesys roleplaying sessions with the Mutant
Invasion! roleplaying supplement, designed to complement the Secrets
of the Crucible sourcebook. This card pack offers an assortment of tools
for both players and Game Masters—from a new playable species, to
location cards that can be easily dropped into games, to over thirty
adversary cards for Game Masters to keep the stats at their fingertips,
to adventure builder cards that make coming up with an adventure fast
and easy.

40 oversized cards

  • • Offers a new playable species, giving players a new option for character creation.
  • • New location cards and adversary cards invite Game Masters to keep their space accessible and organized, with all the stats at
  • their fingertips.
  • • Adventure builder cards make

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