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Players: 2-4      Time: 10 Min      Ages: 4+

A game of observation and speed. What cry might a lion with a cow's body make? Or a mouse with an elephant's head? A crazy game of animal cries that might make you lose your head!

In more detail: Game comes with 48 wooden tiles, 24 with animal heads, and 24 with the corresponding bodies. These tiles are put together so that heads are connected to a non matching body. Then cards that match the tiles are flipped over one at a time. The players must find the tile that matches the card and then make the noise that you would expect from the other half. E.g. If the card showed a frog's head and the frog's head tile was joined to the body of a pig, the players would need to make an 'Oink' noise. The first player to make the correct animal sound wins the card.

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