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Quests of Doom Volume 3 (D&D 5e Compatible)


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With pride and fanfares of trumpets we introduce Quests of Doom 3, another volume of adventures worth winning, from the incomparable and brilliant minds behind Frog God Games. (That’s us! See what we did there?). With this trove of places and challenges, you can explore the perils of the Maighib Desert, or the druid Niavark’s forested demi-plane of vengeance, and many other locations where only brave-hearted adventurers would want to set foot.

Each chapter of the book is a stand-alone module that can be placed anywhere in your own campaign world, wherever you need it. The adventures are not a series, and are not linked to each other. So pick and choose them in whatever order you want, switch them up, break them into parts and reassemble them — this is a free-form resource for the resourceful game master!

If you’re using the Lost Lands world setting by Frog God Games, each chapter contains information about where it is located in the world. Like we said, though, don’t feel constrained by the way we organize our campaign world, because we’re talking about your campaign world.

What you’ll find in this book is a carefully crafted adaptation of adventures originally written for the Pathfinder system into the fifth edition rules, designed to take best advantage of fifth edition’s particular strengths. We didn’t just apply numerical formulas to the existing material, we took into account the different tactics, skills, and options available in fifth edition and re-crafted the adventures as if they had been written with the fifth edition rules from the beginning. We convert adventures for the system, not just by the numbers, and we’re very proud of the results here.

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