CGG Cares 2024: D&D Epic  Common Ground Games

CGG Cares 2024: D&D Epic

Common Ground Games

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Saturday, April 6

Join us for a massive D&D experience unlike any other! A D&D Epic has an entire room of players working together in a common storyline! Picture D&D, but more like a cooperative raid. Multiple tables playing the same adventure, but the events at one table may impact the events that happen at another table. Super Fun!

This year the Epic adventure will be The Enemy of My Enemy (for Tier 2 characters)!
The Red Wizards are interested in more than just crystals, as are other factions in Cormyr. Which are friends, and which are foes? Strange happenings in Suzail may hold the answers..."

  • 5pm Check In Begins
  • 6pm Epic Begins!
  • Entry is a $15 tax-free donation, plus you'll be able to purchase $1 ReRolls during the event!

All proceeds go to supporting Extra Life: Children's Medical Center!