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ONE TRAIN, SEVEN BANDITS... THAT’S SIX TOO MANY! Colt Super Express has the spirit of the original, award-wining Colt Express in the form of a fast-paced, survive to win format that players can take anywhere. Players compete to be the last Colt Express rider standing because there can only be one when this train stops. Each round, players will place one of their five action cards face down in a pile to determine their what they’ll do when they are revealed, including moving, shooting, and more. At the end of the round, the last train car is removed . . . and so is anyone in it! If more than one player is alive in the final car, the entire train explodes, taking them with it.

Colt Super Express is a fast-paced game of survival where only one person can win!

  • • Battle Royale in the West: Perfect for fans of the battle royale style of survival game play made popular in video games.
  • • Play Anywhere: Its small size and fast games make Colt Super Express perfect for travel, lunch breaks, or anywhere!
  • • Award Winning Heritage: Based on the multi-award winning, including the Spiel des Jares, classic Colt Express.

CONTENTS 5 Action cards per player, 1 First player card, 8 Train car cards, 1 Locomotive card, 7 Meeples, 1 Rule book

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