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Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion

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  • 4–30 Players
  • 30 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 17+

The creators are back once again with another card expansion that adds more hilarity for us horrible people that like to play.

In this card game, players take turns being the Card Czar, which means they will read a black question card or a fill-in-the-blank statement card. The other players will select a white answer card from the 10 in their hand that they think best or most humorously fits the question/statement. The Card Czar will then shuffle the answers and choose the one they like best, with that answer's owner receiving the black card as his "awesome point" for winning the round.

Once a player has at least one awesome point, they can wager an awesome point when giving a white answer card in order to throw in a second answer card, giving that player a better chance to be chosen. The winner of the round will receive the original black card as well as any that are wagered in that round.

Play continues until a pre-determined score is reached, or until everyone is tired from laughing so hard.

This expansion adds 25 new black question/statement cards and 75 new white answer cards to the deck as well as 12 blank cards for players to come up with their own card ideas. And to top it all of, it's dolphin-safe!

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