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Blokus Dice Game


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Players: 2-4      Time: 15 Min      Ages: 7+

In the Blokus Dice Game, players compete to fill in as much of their individual player board as possible by using four different color marker pens to draw Blokus pieces. Players have one marker to pass each turn.

On your turn, roll all dice and select one of them from the pool. In turn order, each player selects one of the remaining dice. Then, draw one of the Blokus pieces on your board from the row matching the die's value. The rules for drawing pieces are: 1) the first piece you draw of a color must cover one of the corner spaces on the board, and 2) every subsequent piece you draw must touch another piece of the same color only at the corners.

After all players have drawn in their piece they pass their marker pens to the left and the next player rolls the dice to start a new turn. Play continues in this way, with each player drawing a new piece on their board, until no one can place another piece. Then the player who has the fewest unfilled spaces on their board wins.

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